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OracleST uses industry standard database technology to ensure that most reliable service at any time

Extendable source code

Our source code is provided on a license basis that allows paid customers to extend or otherwise modify OracleST to better suit needs

Blazing fast

Since OracleST doesn't depend on VPN or RDP, the absolute fastest response time can be reliably achieved

No stress support

Our office stands by our product 100%; As such, we are more than happy to provide the best customer and product support available

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No cables or touchpanels required

The future is software

  • Flexible and extensible; Licensed customers can modify OracleST to suit their needs
  • Planning a move? Easily take OracleST with you
  • No need for onsite maintenance fees; Support can be handled remotely

OracleST was developed by Ruby Softworks for medium to large dental practices that had multiple patient treatment rooms. Our software was the perfect middle ground between having no way to track the status of individual patient rooms and paying upwards of fifty thousand dollars for a complicated physical solution such as Creston, Control4, or Savant. OracleST can easily be accessed from any web-browser powered device ( smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop ). Rather than run miles of cabling to controllers and touchpanels outside of treatment room doors, our solution is installed on a simple desktop server within the customer's secured local network, no cables or touchpanels required.

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What can OracleST do for your business

Save Money

At a fraction the cost of other status tracking solutions, OracleST is the obvious choice to spare your bottom line


Built in to OracleST is a robust set of administration tools and reports that help you understand the flow of your workday and team

Increased Optics

Know the exact status of all rooms and team members within your facility within seconds thanks to our revolutionary floor plan view

Extensible and Flexible

We take pride in providing a superior product that can be modified by a licensed end-user in order to better suit your organization

Take a test drive

We believe in the concept of "try before you buy." That's why we created an OracleST Sandbox that allows you to see all the features our solution has to offer before you decide to choose us!

Meet your team

These are the fine folks that will be in your corner

Brandon Gather

Lead Developer

Fluent in Fullstack Development languages, Brandon serves as our Lead Developer for OracleST

Kevin Byers


Kevin provides developer services for our team and is resident back-end extraordinaire

Coty Western

Graphic Designer

If you're talking design, Coty has you covered and provides us with excellence in graphic design

Sabrina Salinas

Quality Assurance

Before any update is pushed to the public, Sabrina is there to ensure everything works as intended


Our flexible pricing structure ensures every organization big or small can benefit from OracleST


$40 / user

  • No contracts
  • Mon-Fri assistance
  • 1 - 5 users
  • Live remote support
  • Extensible codebase

Large Business

$20 / user

  • No contracts
  • Mon-Fri assistance
  • 21 - 50 users
  • Live remote support
  • Extensible codebase


Contact for pricing

  • No contract
  • Mon-Fri assistance
  • 50+ users
  • Live remote support
  • Extensible codebase

Frequently Asked Questions